Avant-Garde Collection

The inspiration for the avant-garde collection.

We are becoming mobile and connected with the use of technological devices with or on us. As our lifestyle continues to morph and transform into the future, we should reflect on the relationships with Nature and not undermine the importance its existence.

This avant-garde collection is inspired by the concept of global nomads and the continual transformation of the biological landscape in today’s world. Using visual elements that reflects or resembles elements of the natural world and free-forms silhouettes, it explored the concepts of mutualism on how we human beings can co-exist and interacts with Nature.

This collection also reflects on my ongoing experimentation of versatile shape-shifting techniques on different materials and fabrics. This include the use of thermoplastics with origami and heat-setting Shibori techniques, heat manipulation and hand painting with Tyvek , new textiles created with water soluble interface, 3D-printing on textiles, living textiles and laser cutting with felt.



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