Sense is a poetic piece with the intention of bringing awareness to dying coral/coral reefs globally. This project explores the possibilities of using fabrics that are considered “green” options, treated with sensitive solutions to inform the wearer about the presence of environmental pollution by changing colors based on the intensity of the air pollution surrounding the wearer.

These technological sensitive fabrics are made by adhering a polymer and nanocomposite layer that detects and reacts to environmental pollution. Designed from recycled green polyester made from discarded plastic polymer products, it takes less than half the energy to produce these garments and helps keep plastic products, like drinking bottles, out of landfills and the ocean. By wearing these environmentally sensitive fabrics, we inform ourselves of information that our brains and body may not detect – the presence of pollutants.

Inspired by the act of reviving corals and the implementation of artificial lighting environments and microprocessors as a vital conservation tool to simulate climatic changes, the dress is seamlessly embedded with LED lights programed within a fluidic pattern to reflect on the symbiotic coexistence of pure water and coral reproduction.

Through this wearable technology, we help individuals understand and interact with their environment in a more informed, heathy and responsible way.


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