Transcendent is an interactive dress that communicates with its wearer by translating the body’s movement into a corresponding light pattern.

To achieve this effect, the seamless top made from molded Sahara white leather and a 100% silk organza skirt are esthetically embedded with functional technology, becoming a dress with its own way of expression. A collar extension on one side of the dress has embedded within it a flex sensor that responds to the body’s movement, this is processed by a microcontroller which controls the illumination pattern of the LED array; it is powered by a lithium-polymer battery. The tiny LED lights embedded into the “skin’’ of the dress fade in and out according to the intensity of movement and have become a decorative language. Light (as in opposition to heavy), works as something that floats in a heavenly manner on the textured, leather surface. The light is metaphor for enlightenment and strives for passion. The dress is the ultimate wedding dress that expresses emotions and communicates on another level where body and mind or body and desire can be in two places at once.

In essence, a saintly aura appears around the wearer as well as that of “new celebrity.’’



These photographs were taken by US-based fashion and editorial photographer, Chris Loomis

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