The focus of my research is in the areas of Fashion, Textile Design and Wearable Technology. The fusion between my deep knowledge and expertise in fashion and clothing with technology has allowed me to further explore the possibilities of using clothing in the form of textile interface for sensing, processing, performance, displaying and merging with the body and the environment.

My research includes projects that are exploring advanced materials, both existing and underdeveloped, which give garments an increased range of properties and qualities, extending the functionality and widening the artistic and creative potential of materials. While exploring and preserving traditional textile techniques through my research, I am able to discover new applications, experiment and reinvent them for modern sensibilities by pushing the boundaries of material manipulation. As I challenge myself in the exploration of advanced materials, I am also re-examining the roles of the designer in the era of new media, wearable, and textile technologies.

My future work will focus on understanding how technological advancements are transforming the design and creative process, the designer and the user of tomorrow on topics of the cyborgian integration of the human body with wearable technology, the bio-materiality relationship to social behaviors, and the impact of interactive media on personal identity issues. Thus, I aspire to bring more sociological, philosophical, and psychological components into my work, highlighting the importance of the human subject in the use of technology.

My research on the development of smart clothing and textiles is multi-disciplinary and collaborative, integrating technology, media art, textile design, live performance, and Bio design. I have worked with ADM faculty, as well as colleagues in the Bio Engineering and Electrical Engineering Schools at NTU. I will also continue to develop interdisciplinary collaboration outside of NTU. The external collaborators whom I had worked with are A* star, Intel, Samsung and individuals in the field of music such as Cheeks on Speed, Nick West and sister Sledge.

My creative research has been exhibited internationally at venues in countries that include France, Germany, Belgium, Argentina, Sri Lanka, Singapore and the USA; and in cities including Austin, San Francisco, Phoenix and Los Angeles. I have presented research papers and workshops at conferences that include: the Metabody Forum 2016 at Brunel University, London, International Textile conference in Poznan, Poland, the International Textile Apparel research symposium in Sri Lanka, and the Fashion Conference in Milano, Italy. In recognition of my creative efforts, I was awarded the first place at the Tiffany’s Paris Fashion week, 2016. For the International Rumi Award event in San Francisco, CA, I received the best evening collection and the international RUMI award for a fashion piece from my team at Galina Couture, which was later seen at the Academy Award Ceremony red carpet event in Los Angeles, 2017.