Paper Interiors

Paper Interiors


Paper Interiors is a project I have done with the School of Dance at the Arizona state University, back in 2002. For this project, paper fibers were magnified and projected onto the stage, using five LCD projectors, and the audience was given 3-D glasses. Consequently, the dancers appeared to be moving through the paper fibers. There was a 11-by-20-foot screen on the wall farthest from the audience. My task was to create garments that would enhance the projections. A HP Designjet 5000PS large-scale printer with UV ink was used to print the computer-generated 3-D paper images onto fabric.Due to the specific requirements of the printer, the designers were limited to HP Paper-backed Silk Satin Fabric for the printed-fabric costumes. HP Paper-backed Silk Satin Fabric is a 100% silk crepe de chine, woven material that drapes in a natural way. The fabric delivers high-quality print results with brilliant, vivid colors. Not all costumes featured the printed paper fiber images, however; some costumes were white in order to enhance the LCD projections. These white costumes and the 11-by-20 screen in the background were made of a nylon/lycra fabric, chosen for its affordability, pleasing drape, and ability to adapt to the dancers’ movement.


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